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Oh, he's slim and a little bit foxy...

You thought so too. I've been inside your head...

7/26/11 09:22 am - I'll never be able to live alone...

Who's going to kill the bugs?Collapse )

7/22/11 05:57 pm - What do I call you?

I think you call me...sexy?Collapse )

7/20/11 05:02 pm - You said that you could let it go

And I wouldn't catch you hung up on somebody that you used to know...Collapse )

7/19/11 04:12 pm - A better view of the rising moon

A letter I'll never sendCollapse )

6/6/11 10:34 pm - Love like this...

This one is all about you...Collapse )

6/3/11 11:20 pm - And you're lost quite classically...

With your nose in a bookCollapse )

5/31/11 03:21 am - Sea Anenome

Anomalous Appendages...Collapse )

5/29/11 09:42 pm - Live for the twist.

I hate this love song...Collapse )

7/23/09 02:06 am - 30 Minutes, really?

I just spent, for some strange reason, almost 30 minutes staring at my brown bouncy bunny icon, with the intention of posting but I got sucked into it. Damn.
Good Night.

7/1/09 11:17 am - Larger than life

So, I heard from the doctor, and saw the pictures, that my insides are shiny and healthy.
Strange thing to say, 'See, look at the reflection', but how appropriate for me to have shiny insides.
However, she didn't find anything so now I'm off to a pelvic pain specialist, who also works with fertility and pain-mapping.
We'll see what happens.
Besides that, I've been key-ed at work. Working alot. Going  to the pool or the neighbors when I can, which is nice. Although one is only 17 and that's just crazy. 5 years older than him. Weird. But because of that, Jonathan and I adopted him.
I need to go check my mail.
And do some laundry.
And clean the apartment.
And go to work from 2-9.
We'll see. Anyway, I better go get ready.
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