Samalamadingong (samalamadingong) wrote,

Sea Anenome

My favorite Memorial day from my past, that I can remember, was spent on the beach with a friend and his roommates. We went to one of their parents' home-close enough you could hear the ocean crash through the open windows and smell the sea salt. Since everything was a walk away, we mostly spent the time in a comfortable haze in lackadasical inebriation. That relaxation and good fun was refreshing. No real drama, just a good time with fun people.
This current memorial day was slightly different but still quite awesome. After a slow morning, I snapped alert and needed an emergency trip to the store for bug spray and cookie makings. Chocolate chip cookies were on my mind to make and bring to my housemate's dad's house for a spur of the moment cookout. Finished all that up and read until we headed out through the moutains and on crazy dirt backroads to the house surrounded by the woods. It's beautiful in the two weeks between frozen and mosquitoes. I stayed inside with my guy and the nephew while the son and father grilled on the deck. The food was tasty, the company fun, and the scenery gorgeous. Came home and watched some Doctor Who. Can't ever argue with that.
When you're the quiet kid, sometimes it's very difficult moving to a new place. Long months go by before I begin to feel comfortable enough making friends outside my immediate circle. Selfish and snotty, the problem falls with me liking other people, not them liking me. I'm picky. I always have good friends that way, but very few. I'll have to branch out soon but for now, I'm going to stick close to home and close to what I know. I always find my way eventually, even though it's the winding route that adds not hours, but days to a journey. I've got time. 
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