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And you're lost quite classically...

Today wasn't exactly what I expected, and I can say the same for the last few.
I had lost computer access so no writing here. No writing at all, which is not good for the habit building. I've been using the boyfriend's computer and he's been using it to game so very much. Makes him happy so I don't like to complain but it's so easy because I don't like coming in second to the television. Back to the story.
Work started again on Wednesday, with a six-thirty morning. I kinda like them. I have the rest of the day to do whatever I like. And it's generally quiet in the morning, another plus. Called my dad and talked about goats, large men who've the worst body odor ever, and hibernating people. I love conversations with my dad. They're unique. Managed to sneak in some running and exercising. Next step, get my butt over to the gym. I'll stick with step one for now. Took the Alaskan nephew to the park and watched him play on the swing and be a pirate. Super cute.
I've been cooking in the traditional Ooble-y way again. " 'What're you making?-Them 'No idea'- Me 'Well, what's in it?' -Them 'Dunno' -Me I haven't killed anyone yet so I think it's going well.
Spoke to a friend about the concerns I've been having over being jealous. I don't like it but can't control it. However, with the new viewpoint, my thoughts refreshed. I'm not inclined to argue with being an upgrade. I like it.
I also like the idea of a mashed potatoe buffet, where all different flavors of mashed potatoes are served with tasty and coinciding meat dishes. Like wine pairings, but a buffet of meat and potatoes. Who wouldn't think that's fantastic?
Coming back to today, I got dressed and went to work. Did stuff. I'm trying to remember if there was a highlight and most of it was just being fast and making customer's happy. I did have one couple with four cartloads of stuff. And one gentleman with almost one thousand dollars worth of hotdogs and mustard (being sent off to the seriously crazy hotshots and firefighters who're working to keep us safe). I enjoyed lunch in my car and came home a little late. It's after I got home that my time went weird. Instead of my plan, I ended up having a serious conversation with my father that I wasn't ready for (financial troubles and such), then found out my guy would be playing games almost all night again (with a housemate and friends), went to the store and broke out in hives, them came home and was bribed to watch the baby but I'm not sure with what yet as the...reward was left up to me. He was pretty cute and didn't misbehave too much (mainly because I used the distraction technique). Fed him dinner, played, and put him down for the night. Sweet little thing when he's not screaming. Somehow ended up volunteering to watch him while the guys go on man-ventures down south in places I haven't been and want to go. That part isn't very cool either. I'm happy for them, and I'll get Arby's, but still, it's not quite what I thought to do on my day off. Maybe one day I'll get to spend time with the boyfriend again. The housemate made stew for dinner, and it's freaking delicious. Knowing I was still upset (but getting better), my guy brought me dinner and a drink, without me asking. He's been sweet and it's almost scary. But I definitely appreciate the kindness.
I saw a butterfly on my way in the apartment coming home from work. It was awesome and landed on my nose.
This time last year, I was inbetween helping a friend, getting back from Nashville, and refreshing my companionship with my guy. Sitting in front of the tv crocheting scarves, I never thought I could be where I am. Guess I should remember that more often. I hope this time next year, I'm even more pleased with what I'm doing and where I'm at in life.
I'm looking forward to the Doctor tomorrow.
And maybe some pie.

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