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Love like this...

I've been working like a mad person for the last few days. First of the month, and first of the month Saturday when people call out? Crazy. However, I'm good at my job and that's enough for me. Money's still tight with some of the drama going on, but besides that, everything else is starting to look better. By everything, I mean everything that's going on here. Chaos still reigns in the rest of my family.
I've started a new K-Drama deal, called Triple. I'm loving it so far. I almost miss roller skating. I haven't decided yet. I made some tasty meatloaf for dinner and am drinking my bribery wine. So delicious. The guys are playing the xBox. The baby fell asleep watching my orb that changes colors. I'm that awesome that I knew to give it to him and my dad's that awesome for buying it for me. Bryan and I watched the latest Dr. Who, and now we're going to need to rewatch most of them cause, really? Yeah. I love that show.
He's excited for Burn Notice and White Collar to come back. I'm going to try and watch sytycd again. I've missed it but I'm not sure if I'm ready to watch more of it, as I miss the first few season dancers and haven't been paying attention to the rest.
As soon as I save for it, I'm looking for another two tattoos. Okay, so, three. Two of them I've been thinking about for well over a year, and the other for just a little less. I just need to work on placement and design. Mr. Finney goes to a good artist up here so I'm hooked up with that. We'll see what happens. First is paying off the credit card, as much as that sucks, but I almost like being responsible. I've been thinking alot lately of two lessons I learned that always reappear when I least expect them to from people I never would have guessed. Attitude is everything. (Go Band!), and Vlah's comment on conversation. Making sure that every serious conversation you have changes you in some way because if not, what's the point of it at all? Genuine interest and change (or even confirmation), but to let everything touch you so you can keep learning and growing. I'd rather not be boring and Becky's attitude about approaching everything and meaning it has made a huge difference in how I go about my job. What I know I need to work on even more now is applying that to life outside work. I can only imagine how much better my life would be if every aspect was genuine, real, and had the potential for growth.
Also, I saw a butterfly that landed on my nose, I walked into a wall, and generally hurt myself on Bryan all day today. I forgot my bank card was expired, and painted my nails. I also counted out $150 in half dollars.
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