Samalamadingong (samalamadingong) wrote,

What do I call you?

There's a time and a place for everything and right now, my time and place is getting really crowded for the ex-gentleman who can't seem to stay out of my life for a day. Not really that bad. And I managed to piss off the housemate. It's been an awesome day! That's fantastic.
Anyway, I've been going to the gym and that's wonderful. I feel better, emotionally, just for sticking with it and physically will come but right now, it just hurts. That's okay too. A good hurt is nice. Work is still going well and today I was able to project thing and that was awesome. Now, a big question, do I want to consider switching jobs? That part...I'm not sure. I'll see.
I want my rabbits back and I'm feeling a big case of 'I want'. I'll let that go and also go to bed early tonight, after a shower. Definitely need a shower, but it's just so warm here. Warm. In Alaska. What is the world coming to?
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