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Oh, he's slim and a little bit foxy...

You thought so too. I've been inside your head...

6/8/09 05:46 pm - Quality Time

Hey all. It hasn't been that long but feels like it.
So I got the eye thing taken care of, they numbed the area and cut it with a scapel. Scary, scary stuff. Glad it's better now though. Very glad.
However, my Wednesday's surgery (last Wed) was pushed back until tomorrow which means that my stomach prep (already in progress) is today. One of the most miserable things ever.
Added to that, I was at the beach with my dad a day or two ago and am fried. Blister fried. And I had to go to work and what happened? Bug bites on the blister/burn. I mean, really?
I'll be glad tomorrow when the procedure's over and I can rest and get something in my stomach. Wasn't allowed to eat from yesterday evening, no vitamins. Nada but clear liquids and those stop at midnight.

But, my dad and mom are getting along better, and they'll both be here tonight. My dad is also, now, getting along with the boyfriend. Finally, after over a year, but I'm super excited about that.
Becky's going to come stay with me so I have some 24/7 monitoring, depending on what they do.
Then, it'll be back to work. Mainly, things are good with a bunch of little frustrations here and there. Going to watch the rabbits run in a bit. Yay. They're just as cute as ever, though Vega shows his ass. Dubby's oblivious and carefree. Todley's curious and fun.
Um...that's it for now.

5/25/09 08:01 pm - "I'll decorate your eye patch."

I seriously love thunder. Well, at least right now.
Summer's going pretty much the way I thought it would. At least the beginning. A roller coaster of CHAOS.
Did well in school, of which I'm pleased. Got an A on my independent study, super excited. Like...almost bunnysamm excited.
I have a year left; I'm glad I took that year off. I miss certain things, and people, but I needed that year.
I'm in a new apartment now. Fantastic. Have a dishwasher, that I don't use, two bedrooms. My rabbits, of course, and room for them to run. A screened in porch. I'm moving up in the world. To the second story.
And in the work place. About to be keyed, I think. Good things there.
My family is all weird right now. My sister's mad at me, and some of my family is mad at her. No one's really mad at me right now(besides my sister, and that's not my fault), and I'm beyond surprised. I'm normally annoying somebody. That's the way things go. I like to pester people.
I have some weird thing growing being my eye. And it has to be a thing, I can't come up with it being anything else but it's own living entity. I'm hoping to get rid of that tomorrow. It's...strange. It doesn't move or anything like that but...I mean, really? Is there someone sitting around and only has time to think of the strangest things and then spread them out to people? Cause, if there is, I'm stuck on some loop.
After that, I have pre-op on Wed., followed by surgery on the next Wed. I'm a bit nervous about that. I wasn't until the other day when I looked up the recovery time...and stuff. It's not as bad as the appendix deal and I'm thinking, after bleeding for a month, that it won't be as bad as that either so...Maybe I'm looking forward to it. It's outpatient, nothing spectacular but I'm going to miss work and I'm just starting to get a rhythm back.
My love life is rocky at the moment. Meaning stable, but with some sharp edges.
I think I'm tired.
I wish it would start raining.


5/15/09 10:23 am - Everyone's dying...

I had a really weird dream last night. Mixing high school and college friends, at my hometown roller skating rink. There was a mattress in the waiting area, for the line and just....strange things.
There's a strange parallelism between my dream and reality, mostly because my reality is weird right now too.


3/1/09 12:26 am - To be happy, we must not be too concerned with others.

I'll just say I'm concerned too much with keeping other people happy and relying on that to keep me happy.
Evaluation time.
Not fun.

2/13/09 03:55 pm - Tripping up.

It's been a long few days. And they're not over yet.
Doing okay in classes.
Biology is beyond annoying. Interesting information but busy work to rival almost any other class I've had.
Social Psychology is super amazing. I do need to work more on my Independent Study.
Depression and Anxiety Dis is a pretty cool course. Simple as I only have it once a week.
I need to sleep for a week.
Oh, and a water pipe had some sort of something. I was half asleep but the smell...is rancid and it's in all the apartments in my building.

1/15/09 07:06 pm - Closing in...

Christmas and New Year's were crazy busy and it's been much longer since I've posted. Some working (solidified my position), family visits (my dad and grandmother might be moving to Tampa and selling the house, my mom's finally healing from surgery). I have a coffee table now! That's pretty cool. In the beginning of January I spent a wonderful night at a Bed'n'Breakfast on the bay with the boyfriend. Spectacular hotel room, tasty dinner, jacuzzi tub, dual-head shower, a view of the bay, queen sized bed, breakfast in bed, a delicious bottle of wine from my store. The company was quite delectable as well.
I'm taking Biology, Social Psychology, an Independent study about animal assisted therapy, and Depression, Anxiety and other topics. I'm pretty excited about everything but Biology and besides the busy work, I might like it. Might.
Animals are doing well, though most of my friends aren't. Lots of emotional discord.
For once, I don't have too much. Alot of financial discord.
Today I'm a bit off.Headache-y and really nostalgic. Which makes me want to change some physical aspect of myself. Hair color, eye color, new glasses, another tattoo. All of which I've been thinking about but today I wanted to do them all at once.
I went to target, thinking I'd spend some money and feel better. I was being semi responsible, I had a gift card. Well, still have a gift card. I went wanting to spend money and left having bought a triple-pack of gum. That's it.
I don't know. TV and homework reading for now. Sleep til morning classes followed immediately by work.

12/4/08 10:09 am - It's Christmas!

So so so. I haven't really updated in a while and I can't right now. Running late for class.

But! If all goes well, I have an internship for next semester! Just have to get finger-printed.

That's my superior awesome news.

10/15/08 08:15 pm

Wow. So my life isn't completely bad and I know that but alot of things have come up today. I kind of want to bury my head in the sand.
My bank account is about to be overdrafted. My grandfather's sister just passed away. The anniversary of my grandfather's death was earlier this month and hisbirthday's coming up towards the end of this week. I have a test and quiz tomorrow, followed by a test on Monday. I have little gas, no groceries. Had a fight with the boyfriend. A big one and I'm not sure it's been completely resolved but I don't have the reserve to deal with that right now. His birthday is the same day at my grandfather's, he turns twenty-one and there's supposed to be a big blow out party. I don't know how it's going to work as he might be working.
Hours are slowly, slowly starting to pick back up again. Which means I'm slowly, slowly being put back on the schedule. Which means I should be making money, and that'll make me feel alot better and less stressed. Did I mention that I have cramps and the medicine the doctor gave me is really rough on my stomach. And I've been an ass lately, for all of those reasons. Not too mention, because I'm stressed again, I'm not sleeping or eating right again.
I hope saying that made it easier. We'll find out later, but back to studying for now.
I just have to get through the rest of the month and I think it'll get a bit better.

9/13/08 08:23 pm - Water bath? Mmm, cheesecake.

I've had one of the loveliest days ever. It's just been great. I'm going to go bask in that now. Sweet.

9/4/08 12:13 am - That's really freaky...

I can't go into it at all but I'm really super excited. I got into the class I wanted. Sweet!

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